33 Days.

A few of us got together last night and headed over to the Annapolis Debate Watch Party for the first debate. It was nice to be among a group of energized Democrats making volunteer recruitment calls for the President. The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been to see more Young voters there helping us recruit volunteers to ensure President Obama and Team Maryland win this November.

The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee worked with some great local volunteers to open an office at 47 Spa Road in Annapolis. Starting next week this office will be running at top speed until election day. You can find us there as a group on October 11th, 18th, 25th and November 1st. We need other young supporters to help us encourage voters in battleground states to vote for our President. This race is far from over and President Obama needs you now more than ever. We will meet at 6:30pm to phone bank and will head out to a bar downtown after. We really hope you will join us.

We were fired up all over again being in a room full of Democrats who cheered for our President as he answered the questions. If you watched the debate at home or in a small group—you were missing out. We are holding a watch party for the next debate and we hope you will come. October 16th at 8pm we will get together at the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company in Pasadena. We will hang out and chat until the debate starts at 9pm and then we can all watch it together.

There are only 33 days left until Election Day. In 34 days we hope all of us wake up exhausted from working hard to reelect our President and staying up way too late to celebrate our success.

See you soon!


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